Boundless charters (seychelles)

Born on 19. November 1994, I have a great passion for the sea and fishing. Started fishing in rivers at the age of 8 and later moved to sea water with my dad from the age of 10 onwards. After finishing secondary school I went to college and studied fishing technology and fisheries science for 2 years. Now the game really started for me and I did hands-on training with different companies where I gained so much experience. I became a skipper in 2013 and then moved to Praslin for my first job as a skipper. I worked as a skipper and fishing guide for 3 years and later moved to Mahé to experience extreme fishing guide adventures with Elegant Yachting. After 3 season as a skipper and fishing guide with Elegant Yachting I was 23 and had covered 111 of the 115 islands in the Seychelles and completed fishing from spot to spot around the Mahé Plateau which is full of trophy fish that I was able to land for my angling customers. I was being described as a professional fisherman at the age of just 21… as some pro anglers I met always say I am young and full of potential as I also know there’s far much more in the sea for me to dig out, the story continues.
2 trips
5 years of experience

Sandro Lesperance