Chasing Dreams Sportfishing

I've been hunting and fishing my whole life. I nearly failed my freshman year of college because of the Steelhead run. I have just expanded from taking people fishing for fun to taking people fishing as a way to help provide for my family. I personally love all kinds of fishing and you’re just as likely to find me catching walleye, bass and pike as you are lake trout and steelhead or throwing a bobber and jig for bluegill. I love the challenge of big fish but catch everything using many methods because it’s fun! As far as my walleye charters go... I’m primarily a western and central basin Lake Erie trolling operation. Watching a planer board disappear behind our spread makes my heart skip a beat, and when the fish are receptive to jigging it’s some of the most fun you can have.
3 trips
4 years of experience

Ryan Raines