Fish With a Legend

Let’s talk about Me, Host & Bass Guide in Mexico, whose real name is, Honorato – I know, very hard to pronounce right? – Well, his very first customers picked the nickname Hono, which it is short and catchy. Born and raised in Mazatlán, MX; virtually I started fishing before walking! Being very little, he used to fish creeks, rivers, small ponds and the ocean. When I was still very young, the first manmade lakes started to pop up in Mexico. Nevertheless, the initial purpose was to irrigate fields and produce electricity power. While in USA the Bass Fishing was widely practiced, in MX remained unknown for many. My endless curiosity led me to make an extensive research about this exciting sport; self-taught some techniques and developed by my own. I even fished some California lakes, that way learned the important facts about Bass Fishing in chilly waters. Me has been fishing most of MX lakes throughout my career! I has Coach for International Bass Fishing Championships «Brasil» Tournaments; on the other hand, I has been a participant himself at other tournaments within Mexico, plus few of them in USA. I founded company back in 1994, is a fact, only MX in this business, the two monster of Bass Fishing Loge’s, was my only competition, now, is time to, time to hosting fishermen besides USA, Canada, Mexico, but from many countries, the awesome Bass Fishing in MX; such as Brazil, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, China, South Africa, Australia and many more. Those that have been to fish with Hono might know he is very knowledgeable about the lures, patterns, spots, etc.You can tell, take my “job” to seriously, plus I enjoys meeting and guiding every single customer/friend. This is true, you might come as a customer for the first time, but you will leave as a true friend forever.
7 trips
30 years of experience

Honorato Elizalde Osuuna