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I’m Myron Kibler, your outfitter and guide. I was born and raised in ranching so hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life. In 1983 I became a licensed outfitter, expanding our ranching operation to include sharing our game with other avid hunters. Through the years we have found the perfect mesh between hunter numbers and animals which keeps our game great and our hunters enjoying fantastic hunting as well as a relaxed atmosphere in camp. We enjoy a 90% return rate of guests and consider a returning guest the best compliment we can receive. Fishing is a pastime of youth that carried over into my adult years. In the early years it was fishing from river banks or on stocked reservoirs. In 1993, I expanded to include charter fishing on Fort Peck Reservoir. We spend May – July at Hell Creek, where we operate our charter services on Fort Peck Reservoir. I enjoy the challenge of fishing and the comradery of my guests. My boat is a 2017 model 203, Warrior, 20′ long, equipped to give us the best possible opportunities and comfort while fishing. I design my own jigs which I hand mold and paint. They sport a strong red sickle hook, a two-toned body of white topped with a metallic automotive paint color, prism eye and clear top coat enhanced with glitter. We’ve added a flasher jig, that sports a size 0 hammered nickel blade. They are by far the brightest jig you will ever fish with and the proof is in the catching! I would enjoy spending time with you whether it be during hunting season or summer fishing. I also recommend any of our guides to take you to fantastic fishing, trophy game animals, and to show you a great time as well.
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Myron & Mary Beth Kibler