Kodiak Big Timber Lodge

Since the time I could walk, my life has been a journey of unwavering passion for the great outdoors. For 21 years, I served in the US Navy SEAL Teams, where passion and commitment were not just values but a way of life. As I approached the transition away from the military, I sought a new career that could match the intensity and devotion demanded by the SEAL community. I discovered that my skill set seamlessly translated into the dynamic realm of the outdoor industry. Now, at Kodiak Big Timber Lodge & Kodiak Survival School, I make a living by sharing my profound love for Alaska with our clients. Our offerings include unforgettable outdoor adventures, comprehensive wilderness education, and top-notch equipment. It's immensely gratifying to apply the discipline and resilience cultivated in the SEAL Teams to world-class fishing and hunting experiences for my clients. The commitment to excellence and outdoor education define our mission at Kodiak Big Timber Lodge & Kodiak Survival School.
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Casey Harver