Lapland Fishing Ltd

The company was founded on a realization that in the eyes of the earth, man is not behaving as he should. And the thought continued: this is something that must be changed. And maybe if the man understands the value and uniqueness of his surroundings, he will grow to appreciate those. In this case: more you know, better it is. And Lapland certainly has something to offer... It must be said, that founder of the company had some selfish thoughts also... Coming from the world of engineering and project management (mines, energy sector etc.) enjoying nature - and fishing especially - gave portal to search for the inner peace after stressful working habitat. People will found easily that fishing and meditation go hand in hand, are pretty much the same thing. Fishers of course know this already. Also one major founding reason of the company, was to meet fellow- minded people from all around the world.
6 trips
1 years of experience

Janne Karjalainen