Niagara Fishing Fin-Addicts

My name is Capt. Matthew Nukho, I have been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life, having traveled all over North America fishing and hunting. Originating in NYC, I fished the Atlantic Ocean most of my youth, chasing Stripe Bass, Blue Fish, and all other salt water predators. I have also fished some of the most pristine water reservoirs for bass, pike, walleye, and brook trout. When I moved to Niagara it was an instant love story, Niagara captured my heart. The scenic lakeshore roads you can travel, beautiful sand beaches, all the Wine Tasting you can handle, amazing Restaurants, spending the evening walking on Clifton Hill experiencing a fun night life, makes this area a family fun packed holiday! And while your here enjoy one of the greatest natural wonders in the world NIAGARA FALLS!. Fishing has always been my getaway, my mental escape, I have spent my life improving my skills and enjoying what I do. Being able to teach people and have them experience the fishery the way I do is my goal. I want you to take what you learn with me and utilize it in your home waters. Now Living in-between two great lakes (Lake Ontario and Lake Erie) gives me the ability to continually be successful with most fresh water species that you may have on your bucket list. To top it all off, joining these two lakes is the Mighty Niagara River. With the ability to fish 365 days a year for an aray of different species, each with their specific time of year and water temp has you always looking forward to the next season! I would love to share my knowledge and have you experience the fishery we have here.
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Matthew Nukho