Ocean Fun & Fishing - Big Game Portugal

João Melo, the Captain, born in 1969 in Portugal has the passion for the sea and fishing, since he was a child. With a wide professional experience in tourism and events, in 2013 he opened a tourist maritime business activity, focusing on Big Game fishing at the Olhao-Algarve, thus fulfilling the desire to work on what he likes the most. Along with this achievement, he is committed to practice sustainability and protection of the species, by catching, tagging, and releasing them, as well as collaborating with scientific researchers. His motto is: “Protection is Fun” In 2016, Ocean Fun &Fishing Big Game Portugal was created, with the vessel EOLLA III, a Starfisher 840. The continued will to improve services of excellence lead to the current moment: the recent acquisition of the vessel “SAL X”, a Riviera 36 (renovated in 2023), prepared to provide the best experience of Big Game in Portugal.
4 trips
8 years of experience

Joao A. Melo