Reel Alaska Fishing Charters

It all started back in 1980… My father Fred Edgar is on his way to Alaska and my mother surprises him with the good news, he is about to become a father again, at the age of 50. As a Korean war vet on disability, he wasn’t able to afford the nicest or newest things for us. He did his best and made sure we were raised right and taught us to be respectful of our natural resources while practicing foraging, hunting and fishing to provide for the family. After years of fishing next to my father’s side all over the Pacific Northwest, he passed due to complications during his fight with cancer just as I was becoming an adult. I found myself searching for peace and headed south, fishing every river, stream and diving off the coast till I ran out of new places to explore in Washingon, Oregon and California. Shortly after it was several years in the Florida Keys out of Key West, then two years in Louisiana and a couple more in Fort Myers/Naples. After much exploring an opportunity to come back to Alaska for a summer season was offered to me working as an operator for a vessel/charter owner under contract with the cruise lines providing half day salmon fishing tours here in Ketchikan Alaska. After a terrible season was cut short due to a poor vessel plagued with mechanical failures, and an owner who didn’t pay much care about his clients or their experience in port. I became motivated more than ever with my passion for fishing and my business knowledge I built Reel Alaska Fishing Charters from the ground up that very fall. That winter we took the time to find our own hull and re-power it with brand new Yamaha outboards, lease the appropriate permits and start our own charter business with nothing but a Facebook account and determination. Through my charter experience I would provide a reliable, safe, and fast vessel for our clients. Vetted and endorsed by the International Game Fish Association for our knowledge and ethical practices, we are one of just a few in the entire state of Alaska. The goal is to provide all of our clients both young and elderly, inexperienced and avid anglers an experience of a lifetime and make memories for years to come. Unfortunately even after all of our efforts, Covid-19 impacted all of Southeast Alaska in a negative way that no one saw coming nor could prepare for. We honored all refunds and almost lost the business, but with hard work and a lot of prayer we made it through. Now we are proud to run a fleet of three vessels including our brand new over sized North River with all the bells and whistles one could ask for. Stay tuned and follow us on social media as we have big plans for the future and our media production is growing every season! You never know when you might catch us on your TV someday down the road! Giant Fishes and Best Wishes, Reel Alaska Fishing Charters
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