River People Guides

I have been fishing before I could walk according to my parents. My dad is to this day an avid angler and needles to say he was solely responsible for passing over the fishing bug on to me. I stopped fishing for a short period through out my college and Canadian Army years. However as soon as I graduated and retired from the army (in good standing) the beauty and the energy of the Rocky Mountain glacial rivers and the size/beauty of the fish living in it, reignited my passion for fishing. Additionally the art of fly fishing and everything that comes with it which brings me to realize that I will never stop learning about it i.e the fish, reading the water, insects, tying flies, rowing the boat is another reason why I am an avid fisher and like to spend my time with family and friends on the river hence the name RiverPeople Guides.
8 trips
9 years of experience

Osman Hamzic