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Join me Gene Aquilini, on a Guided Fly Fishing Trip of lifetime. I’ve been guiding over 20 years and operating Shallow Water Drift for 11 years. I was introduced to Fly Fishing over 30 years ago. Instantly I became infatuated with this. My fist experience was a hike to a lake in the Canadian Rockies. The water was crystal blue. You could totally watch the trout swimming. I stood on top of this big boulder, trying to cast this new stick. I saw a group of trout swimming near me. I started aimlessly trying to cast the fly, when all of a sudden my fly hit the water and this Cutthroat Trout turned from the group, came up from the depth and BAM!! took my Fly!! This is the day my passion for Fly Fishing began.
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Gene Aquilini