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Born in Terrace, Stan started fishing as soon as he was able. He was one of those kids with an innate talent for fishing. Reading the water and finding fish became second nature to him. Fishing the rivers that were accessible by bike, Stan managed to catch hundreds of salmon from the Skeena, Kitsumkalum, and Copper rivers. By the time Stan was 16 with his driver’s license, the use of a power boat was most important to him; it was his gateway to all of the rivers on the lower Skeena. By the time he was a young man, Stan had beached a staggering number of Chinook salmon, the largest weighing a jaw-dropping 86 lbs. He also caught steelhead that would impress the most dedicated angler, including a 32-lb. trophy male. Stan still has a profound love of fishing and the outdoors, as his two sons will tell you. At 60, he enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the premier Chinook guide in Terrace. With 36 years of fishing journals and 40 years of angling experience behind him, Stan is arguably the area’s most productive steelhead and Coho fishing guide and most skilled boatman
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Stan Doll