Splash & Boom Outfitters

Welcome to Splash & Boom Outfitters, where we’ve combined top notch Sportfishing with a true Florida Hunting experience. Founded by the duo of Capt. Sam Suchman and guide, Wiley Vaughn, the mission is to provide access to the most elite versions of all the fishing and hunting opportunities Florida has to offer. Choose from a wide range of private charters aboard our 39′ SeaVee based in Miami, Florida, extending into any Bahamian island, complemented by our guided hunts conducted on thousands of acres of private ranch land across central Florida, simply unlocking the best of both worlds with just one phone call. Whether you’re a hard core outdoorsman seeking to conquer your bucket list or a novice eager to dip your toe into the world of adventure, we are going to take you exactly where you need to be with lodging and added amenities for the whole family.
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Sam Suchman