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Ever since I was a small boy I always loved the outdoors. My mother took me and my brother fishing when I was 7 years old. I'll never forget when I Landed my first big largemouth bass! I caught it on a yellow spinner with black spots. I have been fishing all my life and love the thrill of a nice fish on the line and sharing what I know with others. My most memorable fishing lesson is when I taught a young boy that was 10 years old how to fish. He and his mother stayed with us in our cabin and fished in our lake. His first bass was about two pounds and I will never forget the smile and look on his young face. His father had promised him to take him fishing but was killed in action before he could. The story still brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart. Fishing is great, and can be good for the soul too! Bob Parker
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Bob Parker