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Almost everyone loves to catch fish or is willing to learn, and the "Reef Fishing Experience Tour" provides a great opportunity to catch a variety of reef fish. The Little Bahama Bank is located in the northwestern Bahamas and is known for world class fishing among professional and recreational sport fishermen to local anglers seeking subsistence from the shallow reefs and drops. Guests can choose from several fishing styles - troll fishing, spearfishing, spinning rod and reel fishing along the reefs or come in-shore to learn about our traditional Bahamian fishing locations. The most popular fish to catch are Lane Snappers, Mackeral, Barracuda, Porgy's, Grunts, and Yellowtail Snappers. If you wish to head out to Memory Rock - a local navigation marker - you can almost guarantee to catch a variety of fish either trolling/deep sea or head to a spot where you will be tested in your ability to pull in Lane Snappers, Yellowtails, Hind and Groupers with a spinning rod and reel. Spearfishing is another option for those who possess the skills and experience to dive in deep water safely. There are shallow water and deep water locations to spear Hog Snapper, Grouper, Mutton Snapper and Margate Fish. We invite you to join us on our Lionfish Hunting Expedition to help control these invasive species that are overwhelming our reefs and wreaking havoc on the marine ecosystem. Now - Let's Go Fishing and book your tour today!
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