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If you have ever dreamt of targeting the top of the food chain or other Species from the shore or Boat? If so, then our guided Fishing excursion in Namibia is the perfect trip for you to get your teeth into. This will be an exclusive trip for a small group of anglers meaning you will have the maximum attention from our fishing guide, ensuring you are getting optimum fishing time with the best advice to catch the Bronze Whaler Sharks and other Species. If a shore caught 300lb + Bronze Whaler Shark is on your bucket list then this is the destination for you to achieve your dream. On top of this, all accomodation tackle drinks and lunch is included. Location You will be fishing the waters in Namibia from Ugab river to the south of Walvisbay, these waters are full of life and this life, in turn, attracts the many predators that you are trying to catch, While you will never be far from the beach in your quest to catch a very big Shark. Shipwrecks on the coastline, including some quite recent ones which make for some amazing photo opportunities. The cold current brings a mass of plankton which in turn, brings the fish and other aquatic species. Four species of Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, Whales (Southern Right, Killer and Humpback plus others) and Leatherback Turtles are all found along the coastline along with a massive variety, and amount, of bird species including South African Penguins in the desert! Fishing You will be fishing from the shore on long sandy beaches targeting the huge Bronze Whaler Sharks that live here, these fish can grow in excess of 400lb’s and once hooked will give you a fight you will never forget. Along with the massive Bronze Whaler sharks that inhabit this stretch of coastline you will also be able to target some of the smaller species that live here on lighter tackle. These include Spotted Gully Sharks, Smoothhounds, Eagle Rays, Sand Sharks, Cow Sharks, Steenbras, Kabeljou and Galjoen. Rods are typically 14’ or 15 ' ft and fitted with large reels to hold plenty of line. The baits for the bronze Whalers are big and bloody and will attract the sharks in from a long-distance away. Lighter setups are used for other species like the Rays, Steenbra Galjoen and Kabeljou. So if you are looking for your very next full on a fishing adventure then why not give this a go. It is one of, if not, the best boat or shore-based fishing experience in the world. If you would like to see what Namibia fishing is really like, contact us Guides Your guide on this adventure will be a local angler who competed in angling competitions since the age of 14 and while still a junior angler competed against seniors and guided senior anglers. In National angling championships. This will ensure you have the best catch and unbelieveable experience. We use only the best Tackle, freshest bait and comfortable, four-wheel-drive vehicles are used to drive onto the beaches and catch that big one, meaning we can carry everything needed for a day out. And have a nice Namibian traditional braai on the beach if so desired Contact Us If you have any questions regarding our guided fishing holidays from the Boat or Shore, contact us today. Our team will be happy to help you with any queries you have.
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