Fishing in Florida

It’s a cliché to call Florida “The Fishing Capital of the World”, but that’s precisely what it is! Whether you are a die-hard angler in pursuit of a special trophy, or simply want to diversify your beach vacation, you will find fishing opportunities in Florida second to none!
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About Florida

It’s both very hard and extremely easy to make a list of “best places to fish in Florida”, because most of the state provides excellent fishing for some species or other. Bass fishers are drawn to the center and east center, where Lake Okeechobee and other natural lakes and man-made reservoirs provide excellent habitat for freshwater fish. Fishing the mangrove forests, where the fish feel fresh and cool in the shade of the trees, is a unique adventure. The Keys are irresistible for any deep-sea fishing lover. The Everglades? Tampa Bay? Southern coast? West Palm Beach? When choosing where to fish in Florida, start with the species you’re after, and work from there. Or, simply close your eyes and stick a needle into the map – chances are you’ll find excellent fishing somewhere in the neighborhood.

Fishing Types

The best time for fishing in Florida depends on the species you want to target. The bass family usually takes the bait better in the spring months. For most coveted saltwater species such as marlin, swordfish, and tuna, the preferred period is the hottest months of the summer. But optimistically speaking, there is no such thing as a bad time for fishing in Florida: whenever you come, it will coincide with a good time for a few popular species of fish. Needless to say that every legal fishing method, from fly-fishing to spearfishing, can bring in a great catch of your favorite fish.

Targeted Fish Species

Tired of lying in the sun all day? Hire a fishing charter and lie about the fish you caught! Sailfish, Dolphin, Hammerhead, Tuna, Marlin, Barracuda – these saltwater species’ names sound like music in any angler’s ears. Saltwater fishing opportunities are not only exciting in themselves but add a great variety and thrill to family beach vacations or the Disneyland visit. However, Florida is home to a number of species, both local and introduced, that many fishing enthusiasts even heard of! Especially the mangroves, where you will find such species as Florida Gar, Schoolmaster, Gray Snapper, Spotted Seatrout, and many others. Black bass and Largemouth Bass fishing in Florida is legendary, and attracts thousands of anglers each year, and with numerous lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, Florida has abundant populations of other freshwater fish, too.

Fishing Techniques

Freshwater, saltwater, inshore, offshore –what kind of fishing Florida doesn’t have? Well, ice-fishing, obviously! But all other kinds of fishing can be practiced in the Sunshine State with great success, from classic, time-proving spinning for bass or trolling with live bait for the ocean monsters such as marlin and tuna, to the exotic saltwater flyfishing, beach and kite fishing.