Fishing in Seychelles

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles emerges as a premier destination for recreational anglers seeking a unique and exotic fishing experience.
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About Seychelles

The Seychelles are an island nation, lying on an archipelago of officially 115 islands (there are actually a bit more) in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles off the eastern coast of Africa and just a bit south of the equator. Tourism and fishing are the major parts of the small nation’s economy, and while many visitors come for sandy beaches and snorkeling in crystal clear waters, for some the two major industries come together. The Seychelles offer breathtaking marine environments, from the deep offshore waters to tranquil inshore flats and reefs, and fantastic opportunities for recreational and sport fishing. According to the Seychelles fishing regulations, both recreational and sport fishing imply that the catch must not be sold or traded, and differ in that recreational fishing doesn’t require a license and can be conducted from boats no longer than 10 meters, while for sports fishing the boat owner needs a license and the boat can be up to 40 meters in length. Seychelles’ crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and untouched natural beauty provide the perfect backdrop for any fishing adventure. The islands are influenced by the warm currents of the Indian Ocean, maintaining a favorable climate and water temperature year-round. However, the best time for fishing in the Seychelles is believed to be October through May. This ideal setting supports a rich and diverse marine life, making Seychelles a top destination for both novice anglers and seasoned sport fishermen.

Fishing Types

Seychelles caters to a broad range of fishing interests. You can go offshore for the biggest of the big-game fish species, up to and including marlin and sailfish, while reef and drop fishing is a good way to target groupers, snappers, and barracudas. Families who come to the Seychelles for a beach vacations (and don’t forget about viewing giant turtles and other amazing wildlife of the archipelago) can go on a relaxed nearshore trip that would mix fishing with some snorkeling and bathing on a wild beach straight out of a pirate movie. But what drives perhaps the highest number of enthusiastic anglers to the Seychelles are the archipelago’s flats. Most of them are one a deeper side, and are better to fish from a small skiff, but the numbers of species such as the giant trevally, perfect for saltwater fly-fishing, are unparalleled.

Targeted Fish Species

Offshore, Seychelles is renowned for its exhilarating big game fishing. Anglers can chase the legendary deep sea species such as marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi. The waters also boast significant populations of yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and the challenging dogtooth tuna, offering thrilling experiences for those seeking a big catch. Inshore, the fishing scene is equally vibrant with the robust giant trevally making a popular target, especially for fly fishermen and popper enthusiasts. The shallow flats and reefs are also home to a variety of species such as bonefish, permit, several types of snapper and grouper, and several outlandish fishes such as bumphead parrotfish, yellow-lipped emperor, and mustache triggerfish.

Fishing Techniques

A myriad of fishing techniques flourish in Seychelles, tailored to the diverse habitats and species available. Trolling with large lures and baits is common in the pursuit of marlin and tuna, while jigging and spinning are effective for enticing reef dwellers like grouper and snapper. Fly fishing, particularly for giant trevally and bonefish, is increasingly popular, providing anglers with a highly rewarding and visually stunning experience that is a world away from pursuit of that rainbow or brown trout in the nearby creek. Don’t forget to practice with the heavy rods that the bigger denizens of the Seychelles call for, and research the unique and unusual flies that can seduce them. Local knowledge is essential here, as the colors and shapes preferred by the fish seem to change every few years, so don’t hesitate to hire a local charter or guide. Local guides and charter services in Seychelles are experts in maximizing the potential of these waters, employing both traditional methods and modern techniques to cater to the preferences of visiting anglers. These professionals not only enhance the fishing adventure but also ensure sustainable practices that preserve the pristine condition of Seychelles’ marine ecosystems. Embark on a fishing expedition to Seychelles, where the vibrant waters invite you to cast a line in one of the world’s most beautiful and abundant fishing destinations. Whether you’re battling a mighty marlin offshore or stalking the elusive bonefish in shallow flats, Seychelles offers a spectacular array of angling experiences that promise to make every trip unforgettable.