Fishing on the Putorana Plateau

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Putorana is the northernmost and one of the oldest plateaus in the world of volcanic origin. More than 252 million years ago, this place was a huge volcano, according to scientists — the largest on Earth. The lava it spewed for two million years formed the plateau's topography, basalt mountains formed by lava flows are found throughout the Central Siberian Plateau. But the Putorana Plateau is the only large area entirely composed of basalt. In 2003, the Putorana Plateau was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. What's interesting here: The tundra is huge, silent mountains, deep canyons, and almost at every step — waterfalls, streams and rivers. Waterfalls. There are thousands of them on the plateau, more than anywhere else on Earth. And at the same time, their exact number is unknown, moreover, they are not described or studied. So you have every chance to find a new waterfall and call it by your name. In addition, many local waterfalls have a well-deserved prefix " the most»: * Talnikovy-the highest in Eurasia (482 m) * Kandinsky-the highest waterfall in Russia (108 m) * Bolshoy Kureysky-the most powerful waterfall in Russia. * Oransky-the widest waterfall in Russia (and the most picturesque). Lakes. In the lakes of Putorana, salmon is perfectly caught. There are grayling, whitefish, char, Valek, taimen, lenok-you can't leave without a catch. In total, there are more than 25,000 lakes. The largest and deepest is Lake Khantai. The most beautiful lake is considered Kutaramakan. Among other popular lakes: Lama, glubokoe, Dupkun, Ayan, dog, keta. By the way, it is on Putoran that the geographical center of Russia is located-Lake Vivi.


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three meals a day, light snacks tea coffee during fishing.
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We will provide you with all the gear for a successful fishing trip
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Arctic Char
Whitefish (Lake)

Types of Fishing
Backcountry fishing
Inshore fishing
Lake fishing
River fishing

Fishing Techniques
Bow fishing
Deep sea fishing
Fly fishing
Heavy tackle
Ice fishing
Light tackle
Bottom fishing

Fish finder
Fishing chair
Fishing Pole
Rod holders
Rods & Reels
Tackle box
Trolling motor

Boat Specs

Hovercraft "Arktika 1D8 Taimyr "

The Arktika-1D8 Taimyr hovercraft is a unique individual development designed for operation in extreme conditions of the Far North, at any time of the year at temperatures from +41°C to -56°C. A special feature of this model from the production Arctic is that the number of passenger seats is increased, the bottom of the body is reinforced and due to the fact that the operating conditions are mainly connected in winter, the internal insulation and the interior heating system are significantly improved, a more powerful and practical Cummins 6ISBe 300 engine is installed at the request of the customer, the standard propeller is replaced with a higher-quality reversible propeller with wider aluminum blades, the power reserve is increased and additional hinged tanks are installed., stationary hydraulic lifts were installed to repair and maintain the SVP in the field. Titanium brake pads have been significantly modified due to their reinforcement, which is important for safe operation on the rough terrain of Taimyr, elastic brake pads help to strengthen the support connection to the surface, whether it is water, snow or swamp. These shields protect the air cushion from skidding on turns, when driving on winding rivers, canals and winter roads, and also provide the most effective braking during descents, as well as when turning the car in place. Passenger capacity The speed of movement on the ice is 125 km/h. The speed of movement on water is 80 km/h. Curb weight-2700 kg. Load capacity-500 kg. Height-0.60 Lifting angle (degree) - 25 The maximum wave height is up to-1.00 m. The maximum flight range is 1400 km.

Motor boat " Kazanka-5M»

The boat "Kazanka" is now one of the most popular motor boats in Russia. Released at the time of such small vessels was very much and it has several modifications that have common features. ""Kazanka" is a fairly maneuverable boat, due to its small size. Due to the low draft, it easily enters the planing mode. The duralumin case is well sealed. ""Kazanka" has not very good stability on the water due to the illiterate location of the partitions between the compartments. On this boat, it is not recommended to go further than 1.5 kilometers from the shore with a wave height of up to 75 cm. The maximum speed when installing an outboard motor of 50 HP reaches 40 km / h. the load Capacity of the "Kazanka" according to the passport is 400 kg., i.e. on Board more or less comfortably can accommodate up to 4 people each with their belongings. Engine "Yamaha" - 40 HP Equipped with downriggers.

Inflatable boats of different types

There are rowing inflatable boats and with a motor.

Eurocopter AS-350 B3 and Bo-105P

On the Putorana plateau there are more than 2500 lakes, many of them are rich in trophy fish, if desired, you can arrange a cast in good lakes for excellent fishing. Payment during the flight the cost of one flight hour is 110,000 rubles. Our company has 2 Eurocopter AS350 B3-a French helicopter with a reliable single-engine system, the features of this model are impressive flight characteristics, as well as increased flight safety. 2 -helicopters Bo-105-German multi-purpose helicopter, proven as a reliable and unpretentious helicopter, successfully operated both in the north and in the south.

In the winter Yamaha Venture Multi Purpose

The main transport for trips is the Arktika 1d8 Taimyr hovercraft, but if you wish, we can provide you with Yamaha Venture multi-purpose snowmobiles for hiking. Venture Multi Purpose - an unpretentious snowmobile for a wide variety of activities, whether hunting or long-distance travel. It is also ideal for transporting goods over any snow. And this is thanks to the innovative two-cylinder four-stroke engine-Genesis Sport Performance. The use of a fuel injection system and an electronic ignition system made it possible to achieve a significant increase in traction and fuel economy. It is possible to remove the passenger seat and increase the cargo platform. The track of the snowmobile is represented by the Camoplast Ripsaw model. This is the optimal width (406 mm) to ensure confident cross-country performance in puhlyak, the procomfort 144 rear suspension will smooth out curves and irregularities, and the high windscreen will protect you from wind and snow. Technical Specifications: Weight-266 kg; Power - 80 hp; Fuel tank-80 l; Height-1380 mm; Length-3 160 mm; Type / volume-4-stroke / 499 cc. see electric starter; Reverse gear (push-button activation); Heated steering knobs and accelerator lever (heating temperature is adjustable); Multi-function dashboard; The powerful front bumper; Headlight with 2 halogen lamps (60/55 W); DC Power Outlet; A large windshield.


Base on the Putorana Plateau (Dog Lake)

Accomodation type:
12 guests
Distance to fishing area:
50 метров



Maxim Ulyanov

Operator since 2009
Organization of fishing on the Putorana plateau (the Plateau is included in the UNESCO world heritage list). Unique beauty and fishing spots on the Taimyr Peninsula.

Maxim Ulyanov

Operator since 2009

How to get there

Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia
At the Norilsk airport, you will be met by a representative of the company and escorted to the main base on the Norilsk River. After lunch, a safety briefing will take place at the base, then boarding the Arktika 1d8 Taimyr hovercraft and departure to the Putorana Plateau base (travel time 3.5-4 hours).

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