With its bright, big, sail-like spine fin and tail, and a long spear-shaped bill, the marlin is an awe-inspiring game fish that is synonymous with the high seas.
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Where and When?

Marlin is a fish that dwells in tropical waters, but occasionally is found in more temperate ones, such as North Carolina coast. The best known spot for marlin fishing is, perhaps, the Carribean basin, from the Florida Keys to Costa Rica and Panama; however, dedicated marlin fishing enthusiasm hold in equal esteem Hawaii, the Braziilan coast, Australia, Pacific coast of the US and Mexico. Old Europe has some great sport in places like Madeira, and those for whom there is no hope are ready to travel to such remote destinations as the Fiji Islands. The best time for fishing depends on the species and the location, however, spring seems to be the season of choice.

About Marlin

Marlin are one of the fastest fish species in the world. They are characterized by a long, hydrodynamically efficient body, with powerful tail, high dorsal fin, dark back and light-colored underside.The most conspicuous part of their physique is the long bill, which is relatively shorter than that of a swordfish and is close to circle in cross-section. The bill is used to slash at the schools of prey fish, and its tip has been proven to move so fast during a strike, that no fish can possibly evade the blow. The biggest recognized marlin angling record is 1,805 pounds (819 kg) for a blue marlin caught near Hawaii, and the biggest Atlantic marlin to date weighed 670 kg (1,480 lb). Other marlin species are smaller, and the white marlin often makes the prey of the blue marlin.

How to Catch?

Billfish typically follow their favorite prey, schools of sardines, cruising at the same speed, and then suddenly sprint into their midst, delivering deadly blows with their bill and catching the victims. The most common way of sports angling for marlin these days is trolling, with a variety of artificial bait drag behind the boat. Fishing with live bait is not completely out of fashion, though. However, in any case, if you want to catch a “grandeur” - a marlin that weighs over 1,000 pounds - you will require hiring a charter boat with an experienced marlin and crue. Marlin are known as great jumpers when hooked, and the unbelievable sight of this monster breaking the water, fighting the line, is one of the most emotional moments known to the angling community. However, some fishermen consciously prefer to target smaller marlin, which could be caught with the help of lighter spinning gear, and even by fly fishing.