Blacktip Trevally

Blacktip trevally are a dynamic and aggressive sport fish, thriving in the warmer waters of the Indo-Pacific region.
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About Blacktip Trevally

Member of the Carangidae family as other trevally species, the blacktip trevally is distinguished by body shape that is more elongate than the giant trevally, and characteristic dark, often black, top lobe of their caudal (tail) fin. The other fins are usually yellow, sometimes bright yellow. Otherwise, the body is dark bronze to yellow or green above with a paler, often silvery, belly. Blacktip trevally have large eyes and a mouth with many short, sharp teeth for grasping and holding prey. Blacktip trevally can grow to 88 cm (35 in.) with a mass of 12.5 kg. (27.5 lbs) and they mature at about 50 cm (20 in.). Although primarily bottom feeders, they also hunt in the water column and occasionally at the surface, feeding on fish and invertebrates, shifting more towards fish as they grow. Adults form loose shoals of similar sized members that patrol reefs and other structures. With no known significant migrations, there are often clear seasonal movements.

How to Catch?

Blacktip trevally are prized by sport anglers for their spirited response to lures and flies and their enduring fight. With potential sizes over 12 kg (26.4 lbs), medium strength tackle with ample backing is advised. Unlike other trevally species, such as the giant trevally, they don’t usually go straight for cover when hooked, favoring open water fights.. This results in a pure contest with the fish, with a low risk of the line snagging or breaking in cover, which makes blacktip trevally prime candidates for fly fishing. Most anglers who target blacktip trevally spinning with surface lures, retrieved rapidly along the surface, or cast flies towards reefs and bracing themselves for swift strikes. While natural baits can be effective, catches on these are often incidental when targeting other species. Successfully hooking and landing a blacktip trevally is a rewarding experience, often in the stunning settings of the Indo-Pacific.