Spinning is fishing with the help of artificial lure, that moves and imitates the prey of a predatory fish, by casting the lure into the water and reeling it back.
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About Spinning

The spinning rig is arguably the most versatile and efficient way of catching predatory fish in a wide variety of waters and habitats. You can cast a spinning rod from the shore and from a boat, in shallow or deep waters, salt or fresh; you can stay in one place and wait for the predator to come to you, or you can walk or sail around the river or lake in search of it. Various lures imitate different prey, up to and including small rodents, so you can catch fish as small as Perch and as big as Taimen. Spinning is not only about where you cast your lure - how you move it matters even more. You can control the motion of the lure by reeling it in quicker or slower, in a steady motion or in irregular bursts, according to the manner in which the prey you're trying to imitate naturally swims. Each lure has its own speed at which it performs best, but beginning anglers tend on erring by being too fast. Choosing the right rod and reel combination depends on the weight of the lure you need to throw, and how far you need to throw it. Diversity of lures - spinners, wobblers, spoons, jigheads - is second only to flies used for fly fishing. The size of the reel, in turn, depends on the thickness of the line. In short, everything is dictated by the fish you’re trying to catch.