A small, striped fish with large, spiky fins, found in fresh waters of Europe, Asia and North America, is one of the most popular game fish species in spite of its diminutive size.
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Where and When?

Perch are found in rivers and lakes of all descriptions, and are numerous across their range. It can be caught nearly everywhere and almost at any time, in winter and in summer. The best time for perch fishing, however, is early summer, or whenever the most abundant fish species in the river hatches. Large schools of perch may gather around the spawning sites to feed on eggs and fry - you will always know when it happens from flocks of seagulls circling over the area - and any cast with a spinning rod may result in a bite under the circumstances. Perch love human-made structures, and are often found in canals, making them a great object of street fishing.

About Perch

Perch is a small fish. European perch, which can grow up to 6 lb in weight, is the biggest species; the American yellow perch, while highly valued for culinary merits, is significantly smaller. All perch species look similar, with relatively short and tall body, and yellow, orange, or red tipped fins, equipped with sharp spikes. The unmistakable feature of the perch’s appearance is prominent dark vertical stripes. Perch are active feeders, and will take the bait readily, making them the perfect species for a beginning angler.

How to Catch?

Perch can be caught in a variety of ways, starting with the iconic fishing tackle: the simple rod and line with a float and a hook baited with a worm, minnow, or similar bait. The perch, especially the bigger kind of Europe, however, can be also caught by spinning gear, with a small jig or a small spoon, a small spinner being the lure of choice. Ice fishing is also possible, and in fact this is such an enthusiastic predator that you may hook it with anything that remotely resembles prey. The perch will put up such a fight that you’d swear you’ve hooked a fish three to five times as big, which is what gets lots of anglers hooked on the pursuit of the little fish. Perch tend to live in shoals, so if you have one bait, you can count on a good time. A perch is often an angler’s first catch ever, and many carry an attraction for the little fighter all through their lifetime.