Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is catching a fish from a hole in the ice
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About Ice Fishing

When ice covers the water, the fishing season is not over yet! If the ice is strong enough to hold a person, ice fishing commences. You don’t have to have a boat to reach any point on the river or lake - immediately over a depth, or a water break, or any other sweet spot. You just walk (or ride a snowmobile) right to the spot you want to fish, drill a hole in the ice, let down your bait or lure and there you go! Bottom fishing and jigging techniques are most commonly used and when you catch the fish, you’ll be pulling it out by handlining, and this is a special kind of fight if the fish is big. You will need not only a means to make the hole, but also extra warm clothes and even a shelter from wind. Last but not the least: mind the safety when walking over ice, and when the rescue service warns that the ice is unsafe, heed that warning!