Handline Fishing

Handline fishing involves dropping and retrieving a fishing line with a weight and a baited hook, without a rod or reel.
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About Handline Fishing

Handline fishing happens either from a bridge, or, more often, from boats and other vessels. Many fishing trips offered at popular seaside resorts such as Florida fall under this category; the guides will take a motley crew of tourists to a known location, attract crowds of fish with feeding, and off you go. Without mediation of a rod, the struggle with the fish provides a sensation that many, especially less experienced, anglers find more exciting than other fishing types. While catching smaller to medium sized fish in a company of complete strangers may not have a lot of appeal to an experienced angler, this kind of fishing trips are a nice diversion from a beach holiday routine, an opportunity to introduce a novice, and simply a bit of unsophisticated fun.