Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is the pursuit of the largest saltwater fish such as tuna and marlin from a powerful boat
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About Deep Sea Fishing

If you think big - as big as the biggest Tuna, Marlin and Shark - this is the fishing for you. Special heavy-duty rods are often used, with live bait or dead fish on the hooks, and the crews may use chum (chopped-up fish) to create a blood trail to attract their prey. But, considering that deep sea fishing by definition takes place on depth of at least 100 feet, the most essential piece of gear for this kind of fishing is a sea-ready boat. Blessed are the ones who can afford to keep a boat suitable for deep sea fishing, but most of us have to use the services of chartered boats and captains. Deep sea fishing is usually practiced in or near popular seaside resorts, such as Florida. When booking a trip, mind the distinction between a "party boat" and a "charter". Usually, the former implies sharing the boat with other anglers, while the latter is more expensive but allows you to have the vessel to yourself.