Fishing in Aruba

Discover the hidden gem of the Caribbean - Aruba, a paradise for anglers seeking the ultimate fishing adventure.
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About Aruba

Nestled in the turquoise waters of the southern Caribbean, not far from the coast of Venezuela, Aruba offers an unparalleled fishing experience with its vibrant marine life, exceptional weather, and crystal-clear waters. The small island is a constituent nation that is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, along with Boneo and Curacao. It is well connected by international flights to both the USA and Europe, and is a safe location for a family outing, with sandy beaches, warm weather and water, and vibrant nightlife. And as far as recreational fishing is concerned, Aruba leaves nothing to any other place in the Caribbean. The biggest attraction of Aruba, and not only in terms of size, is the billfish, and other big-game species. With sea floor that drops to the depth below 1,000 meters just a few miles from the shore, Aruba is a perfect location for deep sea fishing. However, inshore waters near the island have enough mangroves, flats, and rocky reefs to satisfy the most demanding admirers for this sort of fishing as well. One of the best things about Ariba as a tourist destination is its climate. Aruba is located below the hurricane latitudes, and consequently doesn’t have a windy season like some other Caribbean destinations. At any time of the year, whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, Aruba's diverse fishing grounds promise a memorable outing at sea. From the thrilling chase of deep sea fishing to the serene ambiance of inshore waters, every trip is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Fishing Types

Aruba's unique location provides rich feeding grounds for big game species, making the island a perfect base for an exhilarating deep sea fishing experience. Those who prefer inshore fishing can enjoy the scenic coastlines while targeting a variety of species that inhabit the island's shallower waters, perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed fishing experience. Aruba is not Belize, but it does have enough flats for flats fishing lovers, and there are some good mangroves on its coasts. Numerous reefs, and wrecks of the ships that fell victim to them, complete the picture of fishing types on Aruba.

Targeted Fish Species

Aruba's rich waters are home to a spectacular variety of game fish. The blue marlin is present around the island all through the year, the sailfish joins the party in the fall, and white marlin visits the neighborhood in the winter. November-December are arguably the best month for deep sea enthusiasts on Aruba, giving a chance to land a “Slam” of the white, blue marlin and the sailfish. The great pelagics are by far not the only fish that can take your lure or bait near Aruba. There’s bonito and jack crevalle, mahi-mahi and wahoo, false albacore and kingfish, barracuda and more. Inshore fishing on the Aruba is as good as offshore fishing. Whether bonefish on the flats, snapper in the mangroves, or groupers near wrecks and reefs, you can enjoy some of the best fishing of your lifetime, making Aruba a year-round fishing destination for anglers of all interests.

Fishing Techniques

Aruba's diverse fishery allows for a wide range of fishing techniques. For those seeking the thrill of big game, trolling with artificial lures or live bait is the most effective method. Light tackle enthusiasts will find success targeting inshore species with jigs and soft plastics. Fly fishermen can test their skills against bonefish and tarpon on the flats, using delicate casts and precise presentations. Some say fly fishing is more difficult on Aruba than in some other destinations, because of constant ocean winds that sometimes make casting problematic, but a true fly angler is not afraid of such minor complications. Bottom fishing enthusiasts will enjoy dropping baits over reefs and wrecks for snapper, grouper, and other reef dwellers. No matter your preference, Aruba's experienced captains and guides are ready to share their local knowledge and techniques, ensuring an unforgettable fishing experience.