Fishing in Guerrero

Located on the southwestern coast of Mexico, Guerrero is known for stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and legendary fishing.
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About Guerrero

Even if the name Guerrero isn't familiar to you, you've sure heard about Acapulco, one of the most important ports on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and one of Mexico's oldest and best known beach resorts. Along with Zihuatanejo and Taxco, it comprises the so-called “Triángulo del Sol” (Triangle of the Sun), and there you can find not only luxury hotels, nightlife and beaches, but also excellent opportunities for saltwater fishing. As in many places along the Pacific Coast of Mexico, waters of considerable depth begin only a short boat ride from the shore, presenting a great opportunity to big game fishing. Shallow lagoons and mangroves are there for the admirers of nearshore fishing. In addition to Pacific saltwater angling, Guerrero provides excellent freshwater fishing experiences, with bass of epic proportions inhabiting many a mountain lake. The state's rich cultural backdrop combined with its diverse fishing opportunities ensures a memorable outing for both the dedicated angler and the vacationing tourist. It's always a good practice to familiarize oneself with local fishing regulations and opt for sustainable fishing practices.

Targeted Fish Species

The ocean near the coast of Guerrero is inhabited by all the tropical Pacific fish species that sound like music to the ears of an angler. Roosterfish, recognized by its distinct dorsal fins, is a popular catch in the inshore waters. Snapper and grouper are abundant around rocky bottoms and reefs, while tarpon and snook are found in the brackish lagoons and river mouths. Pelagic fish, from dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and yellowfin tuna to sailfish and various species of marlin, are frequent visitors in the deeper waters of the state. Lake Guerrero and other freshwater bodies of the state are a great habitat for bass, as well as other species of freshwater fish.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing has been one of the core activities of the people living on the Pacific Coast of Guerrero since they first settled there. Local subsistence fishers typically use nets, as well as fishing with live or dead bait, often on very simple tackle, such as handlining. Recreational anglers practice more sophisticated techniques, from popping and fly fishing in the lagoons and river mouths for species like tarpon and snook, as well as spinning for bass, to trolling with heavy tackle for yellowfin tuna and marlin.