Fishing in Jalisco

“The most Mexican of all Mexican states”, Jalisco offers outstanding fishing opportunities in both the Pacific and the country’s biggest body of fresh water.
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About Jalisco

"Jalisco is Mexico", so goes the saying. The third largest and most important of the Mexican federal states features all of Mexico's ecosystems, is home to many cultural highlights of the country from mariachi music to tequila, and offers great fishing opportunities as well. Jalisco is blessed with several rivers and lakes, crowned by Lake Chapala, the country's biggest lake. The Lerna River flows into Lake Chapala, which in turn serves as the source for River Santiago, that flows westward through the deep canyons into the Pacific Ocean. A number of smaller rivers also flow to the Pacific Ocean, the most notable of those being the Ameca. The Pacific Coast of the Jalisco offers excellent opportunities for saltwater fishing, from the coast as well as deep sea adventures with one of the many fishing charters. The most important port for saltwater fishing in Jalisco is Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay, where tourists can also enjoy such beaches as Los Muertos, Conchas Chinas, Las Glorias, Mismaloya, Punta Negra and Playa de Oro, as well as a well-developed tourist industry with hotels, bars, restaurants and dance clubs. Offshore and inshore, Jalisco offers a wealth of fishing experiences that can satisfy the appetite of any recreational angler looking for both variety and challenge.

Fishing Types

Deep sea offshore fishing is what makes Jalisco popular with recreational anglers, as the waters off its coast, that are home to sailfish, marlin, and other prized big game fish, can be reached fairly quickly due to the steep drop-off of the continental shelf. For those looking to stay closer to shore, the coastal areas of Jalisco provide ample opportunities for inshore fishing after such species as snook, roosterfish, and jack crevalle. Fishing from kayaks and other smaller boats is popular in mangroves and lagoons. Jalisco's interior offers river and lake fishing, a less publicized but equally enjoyable aspect of the state's angling scene, and there are options for backcountry fishing as well: rumors have it that some mountain rivers and lakes hardly see any recreational fishing pressure at all.

Targeted Fish Species

The most important freshwater fish in Jalisco, from the recreational angler's point of view, is of course the largemouth bass. However, the rivers and lakes of the state are also home to several other popular fishes, such as carp, catfish, and a number of endemic species, including native wild trout! The saltwater fauna is crowned by the biggest nomads of the ocean, marlin and sailfish, top targets for offshore anglers, especially during peak seasons. Jalisco's coastal waters also have excellent fishing for dolphin (Mahi Mahi), yellowfish tuna, while rocky points and bays provide great habitat forroosterfish and other game fish.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing techniques in Jalisco differ little from other similar locations. For deep sea fishing, trolling is the most common method for taking marlin, sailfish, and other pelagics. Both live and dead bait, as well as artificial lures, can be used, depending on the species and preferences of the angler. Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular for both inshore species like roosterfish and freshwater species in the lakes and rivers, although light to medium spinning tackle remains the most popular technique for bass fishing.